“The second hardest thing about MVPs is that while you decide what’s Minimum, the customer determines if it is Viable” – Alexey Zagalsky

Good quote for those who cannot stand “opinions” 😉.


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Busy week(s) with Google I/O bringing us magic for future apps, Global Ransomware (highlighting the importance of security), Facebook trying to bury Snapchat (and why you don’t compete on features), tips on Product Design/Management and how how tools might evolve with AI (or how YOU might use AI to evolve your app for that matter).



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Security & Privacy

🎃 WannaCry.

WannaCry Global Ransomware Attack of 12-19 May 2017 targeted Windows computers (mostly Win 7 contrary to easier to swallow Windows XP story) in Telecoms/Health/Commodities and hit China especially hard, someone found a kill switch, which was later targeted by botnets and removed from newer WannaCry variants, someone also found a way to decrypt infected Windows XP computers (provided they had not been turned off since infected).

It made $116.000 in revenue so far (they could’ve done better infecting Android, see below).

Security is boring:





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