The "I promise the next issue will be shorter" Issue

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  1. Apple made some minor product updates: minor iPad refresh, new Apple Watch straps, and a iPhone 7 Product RED and someone was quick to replace the white face with a black one;
  2. A New App: Clips by Apple is a video creation tool with overlaid effects. iOS 11 is rumored to feature more offline and social capabilities and I suspect this app is nothing more than a testbed for that: "Say It" = Offline Speech-to-Text for Siri; "Jazz Things Up" = GPU optimizations; "Share Smarter" = Offline ML, an iteration of the people recognition that's in iOS 10 Photos, and a recognition this is an ephemeral app by exporting its content to persistent mediums (Instagram/Facebook/YouTube/Vimeo);
  3. Acquisitions: Workflow, the iOS automation app for expert users, has been acquired, it's now free and will continue to be available on the App Store.
  4. Software Updates: iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, iWork and Remote all got a significant updates with new features (iOS Find My AirPods, watchOS Theater Mode, macOS Night Shift) and security fixes. Oh and App Store Review Replies as well as Alternate App Icons (video, documentation)!

Facebook Messenger Updates

  1. Hour-long Live Location sharing
  2. iMessage-like emoji Reactions & Mentions
Coincidentally two iOS/iMessage features, do you think Messenger is trying to capture iOS users?  


  1. Google Android O: Picture-in-Picture, Multi-display, better Ad-Hoc Wi-Fi, Power Savings, Notification Channels, Keyboard Navigation, CallKit-alike, better Audio.
  2. Google Hangouts: Google continues the withdrawal of Hangouts as a consumer app with Allo and Duo.
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